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Proud 2B Indian - Proud to be Indian

THE INDIAN. This is not only a word which describes your nationality, its a word which has its roots going through your mind, soul and your body. Its a word that describes you as an individual, your traditions, your customs, your ancestors and as a far sight this INDIAN is the only word which will describe our future generation too. But what are we doing being an INDIAN? hopelessly blaming others for the situation of our country.You are India,The way you react is how India will react. Now its time we need to stop blaming others and take a step and first improve ourself and then expect from others.Help India in any way possible.Your knowledge, your skill,your time your ideas are all helpful.It's a group for those who can generate ideas and spur action. The Motto of this group is to develop the faith of the yougsters in the traditional Indian culture, inculcate a feeling of pride for the motherland. Bharat Mata has given us everything, but what have we returned back to her- only