Tourist Places to Visit in Nainital

Situated in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Rage that lies in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, Nainital is one of the most popular hill stations of Northern India. Renowned for its natural beauty, this hill town is a paradise for nature lovers. It has derived its name from the eminent Naini Lake, which is shrouded by three mountain ranges, namely Mount Naina, Mount Deopatha and Mount Ayarpatha. The hill town is located at an elevation of 2,084 metres (6,837 ft) above sea level, and has a pear-shaped lake named Naini Tal. Besides the natural magnificence, Nainital has several places that are worth a visit and has been capable of magnetizing the travelers from various parts of the World. Nainital has always been a favorite destination for adventure enthusiasts as it offers opportunities for different adventure sports. 

Naini Lake

Surrounded by seven mountain peaks, Naini Lake is situated in the heart of the hill town. This lake apparently has the shape of an eye and thus, named as Naini Tal, wherein, naini means eye and Tal means lake. The hill town has been named after this lake and is one of the major tourist attractions of the place and tops the list of sightseeing. The lake offers boating opportunity to people, which allows them to enjoy the beauty of the lake as well as its captivating ambience. The northern end of the lake is called Mallital, while the southern one is called Tallital. The Lake Bridge connects the two banks of the lake and this lake attracts a horde of tourists from various parts of the World.

Naini Devi Temple

The Naina Devi temple is an important place of worship in Nainital, which is thronged by pilgrims from in and around the town. Situated on the summit of Naina hill, it is one of the Shakti Piths of India. It is believed that Sati's eyes fell at the place where this temple has been built and thus got its name. The temple can be reached by climbing to the top of the Naina hill. Apart from the main idol of Godess Naina Devi, the temple also houses idols of Goddess Kali Devi and Lord Ganesh. This shrine is an important Hindu pilgrimage destination as well as a major attraction of this hill town.

Nainital Zoo

Also known as Bharat Ratna Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo is one of the prominent attractions of Nainital. Situated in the hills of Sher ka Danda at an elevation of 2100m above sea level, this Zoo attracts a horde of tourists as well as locales. This zoo is a home to a wide variety of mammalian as well as avian species. These include Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Siberian Tiger, Barking Deer, Sambhar Deer, Palm Civet Cat, Wolf, Silver Pheasants, Hill Fox, Ghoral, Rose ringed Parakeet, Owl, Eagle and several rare species of Himalayan birds.

Snow View Point

The oldest view point of the region, Snow View Point is located at an altitude of 2,260 m. About 2.5 km from the main town of Nainital, this place is popular for its panoramic vista. Travelers can reach the place either by trekking or by ropeway called the Aerial Express or by hiring horses. This place offers a mesmerizing and enthralling view of the Nanda Devi Mountain range all covered with snow. This place also houses a temple dedicated to Goddess Mundi. The shrine also houses idols of Durga, Shiva, Sita, Rama, Lakshaman and Hanuman. Gadhan Kunkyop Ling Gompa of the Gelukpa is situated above this point and can be visited by the Travelers.

Naini Peak

One of the prominent attractions of this hill station is the Naini Peak, which is located at an elevation of 2611m above the sea level. This peak is also known as the China Peak and is at a distance of about 6 km from the main town of Nainital. Being the highest peak of the town, the Naini Peak offers a breathtaking view of the majestic snow capped Himalayan range from Bandar Punch in the west to the peaks of Nepal in the east along with as view of the whole hill town. The Naini Lake with its emerald water enhances the beauty of the whole town. This peak is said to a be a haven for peace lovers as it offers a serene and mesmerizing natural beauty and is one of the least crowded places of the town. This peak is one of the favorite places for adventure enthusiasts as well because it offers the opportunity of trekking amidst the captivating natural surroundings.

Gurney House

The residence of British hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett, Gurney House is situated on Ayarpatta Hill, which is among the must-visit places in the hill town of Nainital. Built during the 19th century by Corbett’s family, this cottage displays Victorian style of architecture. The house has been vigilantly preserved, and even today has the things and personal belongings of Corbett, which comprises his boat, trophies, books, and furniture. 

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences

Ideal place to cosset in star-gazing while in Nainital is Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, which is an astronomical observatory set in the hilltop of Manora peak. It provides opportunities to visitors to get a glimpse of celestial bodies on clear nights between 7 pm and 9 pm using advanced telescopes. Established in the year 1955, this observatory has developed into one of the prime centers for astrophysical research. This place is worth a visit while on a trip to the beautiful hill station.
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