Top 10 unusual restaurants in India

Good food as well as quality service has always been major criteria for restaurants to sustain in the competition. However, these days the parameter has changed and it has become important to connect with the customers by leaving an enduring impression. Only a few of them have the guts to experiment with bizarre themes and manage to impress their customers with a crazy ambiance. There are many restaurants in India that amazes people with interesting as well as unusual theme attracting the foodies to visit the place over and over again. Here is a list of top 10 unusual restaurants in India, which will leave you mesmerized and awestruck.

New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

Can you imagine having food in the company of people lying in the graveyard? The New Luck Restaurant in Ahmedabad is a restaurant in a graveyard. Definitely, it sound bizare having food amid the dead-bodies and it as well sound spooky. The owner of this restaurant has been running it since last 50 years and thinks it to be lucky for them. It has 22 graves speckled between the tables and you will be astonished to know that many people in the city start their day at this place. It serves the usual Indian food and over 300 celebrities have visited the place, who believes it to be auspicious. The famous Indian painter, M.F. Hussian is a frequent visitor at this restaurant and his paintings adorn the walls of this unusual eatery.

Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

Experience having meal inside prison cell at Kaidi Kitchen in Chennai! The Jail-themed restaurant, where even the staff is dressed as Jailers and inmates, it is one of the bizare eat-outs in the country. Even though, the ambience feels totally real and food has been rated average by the customers. It serves a variety of cusine, which include North Indian, Mexican and Italian. It has pure vegetarian menu and offers an extraordinary dining experience, which will leave an imprint in your memory.

Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai

The Firangi Dhaba is listed among the top 10 bizare restaurants in the country. It is a popular eating-joint in Mumbai that has been inspired by real Indian ambiance. It is made like the rural dabbas that are found all along the high-way in northern part of the country. It is adorned with disticnt and colorful auto rickshaws style seating arrangement and posters of Bollywood movies all over. The menus are designed like number plates of trucks. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves Italian, Mughlai and North Indian dishes.

21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai

When the sweltering heat of the sun during the summers kills you, 21 Fahrenheit offers a relief from the heat. A combination of ice lounge and fine dine, it has everything that is made of ice. From plates and glasses to tables and chairs, this eatery is chilly and offers an unimaginable experience to the visitors. Every visitor is provided with gloves, boots and warm clothes to survive at zero degree temperature inside. You can even take your kids along to this restaurant and the whole environment is enlivened with live music. It offers Japanese, Thai, Chinese and North Indian cuisine. There is an entry fee of Rs. 750; however, visiting on weekdays as the fees is high during weekends. It is a popular restaurant in Mumbai and is quite popular among both the tourists as well as locals.

Nature's Toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad

A toilet-themed restaurant, Nature's Toilet Café is in Ahmedabad, which is definitely a bizare restaurant. Imagining having food seating in a toilet is weird, but this place is designed in a way, where chairs have been replaced with toilet seats. There are more than 20 restrooms and toilet seats, which dates back to 1950’s. As per the owner of this unusal place, it is an amazing way to send out a message on the importance of toilet and hygiene. The owner calls it “Baby toilet” and serves Northwest Indian dishes, which you can savor on. 

Gufaa, Hyderabad

If you wish to travel back in time and savor some nomadic food, Gufaa is the ideal place for you. It is one of the best them based restaurants and also among the best unsual eatery, which is a must-visit while on a trip to Hyderabad. It portrays cell or a cave ornated with lights and sound that offers thrill and excitement to the visitors. The attendants dress themselves like hunters, which gives a realistic appeal. It is a great place for a cosy and romantic date at a unusual place. It serves authentic North Indian and North West Frontier cuisine.

Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad

Experience of dining in total darkness is offered by Taste of darkness. A unique and bizarre restaurant where you cannot see but, experience your food. The whole place is entirely dark and there you will be able to experience the lives led by visually impaired people. It also offers an experience of walking in the dark in a shaking bridge as well as roaming around in a park. It is in Hyderabad and offers an unusual experience and is counted among the bizare as well as interesting eateries in the country, which is worth visiting.

Tihar Food Court, Delhi

The largest prison complex in South Asia, Tihar jail offers you an experience of having food in a real prison. Travel from an artificail prison in Chennai to a real prison in Delhi to savor on some delicious food. The food court inside Tihar jail offers a unique ambience where the hardcore criminals greet you with a smile. The food here is severed by the prisoners of the jail and you can as well get a glimpse of the various works done by the prisoners. A few meters away from the food court are the dormitories, where really amazing paintings made by the inmates are hung on the walls. It serves fast food and typical North Indian cuisine, and it is quite cheap as compared to other restaurants in the city.

Dark Dine Invisible, Bangalore

Another place where you get a chance to savor some delicious food in absolute darkness is Dark Dine Invisible in Bangalore. Have been inspired by the lives of visually impaired, meals are served in complete darkness, where there is no electricity, no cell-phones and no candles. A visually impared person is your host as well as server here. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are served here, which you have to relish only with its taste and aroma. The restaurant serves Thai, Vietnamese, North Indian and Chinese cuisine. However, it is not a great place if you suffer from claustrophobia.

Hijackk Café, Ahmedabad

Are you ready to be held captive for a food ride? Hijackk Café, which has been established by Moistclay media, takes the customers for a tour of the magnificent city, Ahmedabad. The tour takes about an hour or two, allowing customers to relish some delicious food while passing through the lanes of the city. The name of this unusual eatery was criticized at the beginning by the people, but now, it has become a favorite hangout for the locals as well as tourists.

Several restaurants have opened up in different cities of the country that has interesting as well as unique themes. However, these are the top 10 unusual and bizarre restaurants in the country, which is worth-visiting at least once in a lifetime.
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