Tourist Places in Jalandhar , Punjab

Jalandhar, an ancient city and a district in the princely state of Punjab is a must-visit destination in India. With a rich historical background, the city attracts a large number of tourists from all parts of the country. This ancient city has been named after famous demon Jalandhar, who its mention in the great Indian Epic Mahabharata as well as Puranas. Besides this there are different versions about derivation of its name and as per one of the versions, the name has been derived its name from the vernacular term `Jalandhar’, which means area inside the water. According to mythology, this city once served as the capital of the kingdom of Lav, son of Lord Rama. Imbibed in rich history, it houses a number of historical monuments that narrates the saga of the glorious past. Apart from the historical monuments, there are several Gurudwaras and temple, which are worth visiting. Some of the must-visit places in this historical and ancient city are enumerated below: 

Gurudwara Chhevin Padshahi

Located in the village Basti Sheikh in Jalandhar District, Gurudwara Chhevin Padshahi is a must-visit place in the city. This is a major Sikh pilgrimage in the state, which is visited by thousands of pilgrims across the globe. It is built on the site where Guru Hargobind ji arranged for a meeting with Muslim holy saint, while his visit to the city during his tour to Doab. The saint blindfolded his eyes so that he could swear before the Mughal authorities that he had not seen the Guru. It is one of the revered places for the entire Sikh community.

Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh Museum

Built in the honor of one of the greatest martyrs and revolutionaries of the country, Bhagat Singh, who sacrifice his life for the freedom of his motherland from British atrocities, Shaheed-E-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Museum is a must-visit attraction in the city. About 55 km from the city, this museum is located in the ancestral village of the martyr, Khatkar Kalan. It was inaugarated on March 23, 1981 on the occasion of the 50th martyrdom anniversary of the great patriot. It puts on display some of the personal belongings of the martyr, which attracts a lot of visitors. The things exhibited in the museum are associated with the role he played in the freedom struggle of country.

Sodal Mandir

Sodal Mandir is a prominent attraction in the city, which is visited by a large number of tourists as well as local people to pay homage to Baba Sodal. Located in the vicinity of Devi Talab Mandir, the temple is devoted to Baba Sodal, who was bron in a family of the Chadha clan of the Khatri caste. As per the chronicles of history, Sodal’s mother had gone to the nearby pond to wash clothes and he followed her despite she asked him not to and go back home. However, he did not follow her words and losing her patients she asked him to drown himself in the pond. He asked her to repeat her words thrice and as she did, he took a dip into the water and never appeared again. At site the samadhi is constructed, which is ornated with a painted portrait of Baba Sodal, ornamented with garland and rosaries. A tank has been constructed at the spot, named Baba Sodal-da-Sarovar where pilgrims take a holy dip. Every year on the ocassion of Anand Chaturdashi of Bhadon, a fair is held at the temple, which attracts a huge crowd of tourists as well as locals. 

Pushpa Gujral Science City

Pushpa Gujral Science City is a joint project of Punjab Government and Government of India, set up in 72 acres of land, forms the prime attraction of the city. It has been founded to instill the scientific aptitude and spirit as well as to let off the imagination and creativity among the youth. It is one of the biggest projects in the entire nation, which covers a vast area of science and technology. It is visited by thousands of visitors across the country everyday. It is a haven for the aspiring scientists of the country.

Tulsi Mandir

An ancient monument in the city, the Tulsi Mandir is dedicated to Vrinda, the wife of Jalandhar, after whom the city has been named. It is a major and ancient Hindu pilgrimage, which is thronged by devotees from all over the state. Near the temple a tank is situated and it is believed that it was used by the demon for bathing. There are a few temples located within the vicinity of the temple dedicated to different Hindu Gods and Goddesses and within the premises of the Mandir, there is a cave temple dedicated to Goddess Annapurna. 

Devi Talab 

One of the most revered as well as ancient temples, Devi talab is visited by a huge crowd of devotees all over the country. The temple is dedicated Goddess Kali, an incarnation of Goddess Shakti. The old temple has been renovated and a new temple is contructed in the premises. It also houses a replica of Amarnath Temple as well as an ancient Kali Temple. It is the place where 'Hariballabh Sangeet Sammelan' is held since past 125 years. This festival is celebrated with grandeur and during the festival it is crowded by a horde of tourists across the World to participate as well as witness it. It is one of the prime attractions of the city. 

Moorish Mosque

Moorish Mosque was built in the year 1930 by the last ruler of Kapurthala, Maharajah Jagatjit Singh with the assitance of a French architect, Monsieur M Manteaux. Inspired by the Qutbya Mosque in Morocco, it displays Moorish style architecture, which is worth witnessing. It is consdiered as a National Monument by the Archaeological Survey of India and its inner dome is decorated by the beautiful work of artists, who belong to the Mayo School of Art, Lahore. The mosque is a must-visit place while on a trip to the ancient city, Jalandhar.

Jalandhar offers a galore of attractions for the visitors to the city. There are number of sightseeing spots in the city, however, these are some of the promient as well as must-visit places, while on a trip to the city.

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