Tourist Places in Udaipur , Rajasthan

The ancient capital of Mewar Dynasty, Udaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India, which attracts a huge crowd of tourists worldwide. A city in the princely state of Rajasthan casts its spell on every traveler leaving them mesmerized with its beauty. It is one of the most romantic places in India. Offering a perfect blend of rich culture, history and traditions; the city makes for an ideal destination for discerning travelers. Often referred to as “City of Lake” and “Venice of the East”, the city is an Oasis in the middle of the desert state, surrounded by placid lakes. The several palaces, museum, temples, etc. that are speckled all over this enchanting land narrates the heroic tales of the Rajput rulers and the glorious past of the Mewar dynasty. Nestled between the Aravali Range and beautiful lakes, there are numerous tourist places to visit in this amazingly beautiful city. Some of the must-visit places in the Udaipur city are enumerated below:
Tourist Places in Udaipur , Rajasthan

City Palace

Situated on the banks of Lake Pichola, the City Palace is a massive complex that houses a number of small and big palaces as well as temples that are worth visiting. It is the prime attraction of the city and the construction of the massive complex began Maharana Udai Singh established the city of Udaipur and moved the capital of the Sisodia Rajput kin from Chittor after he was defeated by the Mugal Emperor, Akbar in 1559. The present day complex is the result of subsequent addition by his descendants over 400 years. It is the largest palace complex in the entire state that offers a glimpse of the unification of Mughal, Chinese, European and Rajputana architecture. It once served as the residence of the royal family of Mewar. The site of this palace complex was chosen by the King owing to its location, which was shielded by forest on all sides, Aravalli Hills and lakes. 

This architectural marvel features hanging gardens, terraces, patios, pavilions, etc., which are treat to the eye. There are several gates, known as “Pols” that forms the entrance to this beautiful complex. The City Palace complex houses 11 palaces, which are built using the same architectural style and resembles one another. Each of these palaces is worth a visit as these palaces are adorned with amazing mirror and glass work and frescos on the wall. This complex also houses a museum that puts on display the various royal items used by the royal families that resided here, which comprise miniature paintings, furniture, jewelries, weapons and other personal belongings. This place complex also houses the famous Jagdish Temple, which is apparently the largest one in the state, dedicated to Lord Jagannath an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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Lake Pichola 


Lake Pichola, an artificial lake in the city is one of the prominent tourist places in the city. It is the largest as well as the oldest fresh water lake built in the year 1362 A.D. There are four islands on this picturesque lake that houses house the famous Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir, Jag Niwas and Arsi Vilas. Set amid scenic beauty with Aravali hills on its backdrop, it was built by Pichhu Banjara, a gypsy tribal man who used to ship grains during the rule of Maharana Lakha. Maharana Udai Singh was lured by its beauty and decided to establish the city of Udaipur on its banks. He expanded this lake and constructed a dam in the Badipol area on the littoral of the Lake. The beauty of this lake has been enhanced with the presence of marvelous palaces, temples made of marble, havelis and splendid chabutaras. To connect the banks of this lake, there are beautifully ornate arched bridges, which further add to the beauty of this magnificent lake. It offers boasting opporunity to its visitors, allowing them to enjoy and explore its enthralling beauty. The view of the sky speckled with assorted hues makes it look spectacular from the Lake Pichola and this beautiful scene memerizes the visitors. The lake remains thronged by visitors, especially during sunset to enjoy the spendid beauty.

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Sajjangarh Palace

Sajjangarh Palace, which is also known as Monsoon Palace is a popular attraction among the tourists to the city. Displaying the creativity, valor and narrating the glory of Mewar dynasty, this palace hovers on the peak of Banasdara mountain of Aravalli hills, it is about 5 km from the main city, perched at an elevation of 2268 ft. It was made by Maharaja Sajjan Singh during the 19th century. The white marble used in buiding this magnificent structure adds to its splendid beauty. As per the chronicles of history, it was built atop the hill to get the view of Chittorgarh as well as to see the monsoon clouds. Owing to this, the palace was named the Monsoon Palace. Situated high atop the hill, the palace offers enthralling view of the entire Udaipur. It was conceived as a 5 storyed structure that would serve as an astronomical centre but was canceled owing to the precipitated demise of the King. This place not just offers a mesmerizing view of the city but also allows the visitors to peep into the history of Mewar Kingdom.

Fateh Sagar Lake

Named after Maharana Fateh Singh, Fateh Sagar Lake is one of the five lakes in the “City of Lakes”, Udaipur. It was initially built by Maharana Jai Singh in the year 1687, but the bank that was made of mud was washed away by flood and later Maharana Fatah Singh in 1889. The lake is interconnected with Lake Pichola and features three small islands, which adds to its marvelous beauty. The azure blue water with lush green hills overlooking it, adds to its beauty. The largest being Nehru Park, which is a well-liked garden island with a boat shaped restaurant and zoo, can be reached by motor boats from the base of Moti Magri Hill. Owing to its tranquil ambiance, this lake is a major attraction of Udaipur.

Bagore Ki Haveli

Hovering on the Gangori Ghat on the littoral of the beautiful Lake Pichhola, Bagore Ki Haveli is a major and a must-visit place in the city. This Haveli has over 100 rooms that reveal the glorious history of the kingdom that ruled over Udaipur. Built during the 18th century, this ancient structure has elaborate carvings and brilliant glass work. It was built by Amir Chand Badwa; the Chief Minister at the Mewar Royal Court and after him passed away the Haveli became the property of the Royal state of Mewar. In the year 1878, the mansion served as the residence of Maharana Shakti Singh of Bagore, who added three more stories to the structure and since then it came to be known as Bagore Ki Haveli. It has been converted into a museum that puts on display the personal belongings of the Kings and queens, weapons, jewelry, furniture, etc.

Lake Palace

Lake Palace is the most popular as well as a must-visit tourist place in the city. Situated in the middle of Lake Pichola, it is one of the most romantic places that attract a huge crowd of travelers and honeymooners all over the world. The compeling Aravalli Hills on one side and towering palaces on the other makes the perfect background of this palace. Built in the year 1746 by Maharana Jagat Singh II, Lake Palace was the royal summer palace, which was earlier known as Jag Niwas Palace. The stunning exteriors entice the visitors to peep inside the palace that offers a glimpse of the extravagant and luxurious life led by the erstwhile rulers of the city. Today, it has been transformed into a luxury heritage hotel, which is run by Taj Group of Hotels. With 83 luxurious rooms, it has attained the accreditation of being the most romantic hotel in the country.

Saheliyon ki Bari

A popular sightseeing spot in the city is the Saheliyon ki Bari. It is one of the most beautiful gradens in the city that attracts both local as well as tourists. The manicured lush green gardens, fountains and marble art makes this garden amazingly beautiful that leaves the visitors spellbound. It is located on the littoral of Fateh Sagar Lake offering a green retreat in the desert state of Rajasthan. It was built during the 18th century by Maharana Bhopal Singh for a group of 48 maidens who accompanied a princess to Udaipur as part of dowry. It is a royal garden that is ornated with kiosks, marble elephant and a lotus pool. The marvelous architecture of this spendid garden offers a breathtaking and captivating view to the visitors, making it a must-visit place in the city.

Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple is one of the prime attractions in the city, which is located in the City Palace complex. It is a famous temple in the city that attracts a huge crowd of tourists as well as devotees from all over the world. It was built by Maharana Jagat Singh in the year 1651 that offers a glimpse of Indo-Aryan style of architecture. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the Universe and is one of the largest temples in the city. It is at a distance of about 150 meters from the Bara Pol. It features a three-storied with beautifully carved pillars, intricate carved ceilings and painted walls. The spire of the temple is festooned with sculptures of elephants, musicians, dancers and horsemen, making it a sight to behold.

Fateh Prakash Palace

Fateh Prakash Palace was constructed during the reign of Maharana Fateh Singh to serve the revered guests during the royal functions. In the year 1909 Lord Minto, who was the Viceroy of India during the British reign, laid the foundation stone of the Darbar Hall. The interiors are adorned with imperial artifacts, miniature painting, etc. that speaks about the glorious history of Mewar dynasty. This place has also been converted into a luxury hotel.

Jaisamand Lake

The second largest artificial lake of Asia, Jaisamand Lake is one of the famous lakes of Udaipur, situated 52 km southeast from the city. Also known as Dhebar, a dhebar being a catchment area that measures 1787 sq. km, Jaisamand Lake was built by Maharana Jai Singh in the year 1685, while making a dam on River Gomti. It is a must-visit place in the city and attracts a huge crowd of visitors all throughout the year with its magnificent and captivating beauty.

Udai Sagar Lake

Udai Sagar Lake is another popular attraction in the enchanting city, which is located about 13 km east of Udaipur city. It was built by Maharana Udai Singh in the year 1559 and was completed in the year 1565. The serene environment that surrounds the lake lures the peace lovers. This lake features a dam that covers an area of 10.5 sq km and has a storage capacity of 23.4 milli cubic meter. One of the channels is linked with Berach River to prevent overflow of the dam during rainy season.

Dudh Talai

Dudh Talai, a tiny lake in the city, is one of the most beautiful places, which attracts a lot of travelers. Aesthetically designed, it is loacted on the south-eastern side of Lake Pichola and south of Shiv Niwas Palace. It offers spectacular view of the City Palace and surrounding palaces. It is connected to Lake Pichola and is adorned by Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park and M.L Verma Garden, which adds to its enthralling and captivating beauty. Both the parks exhibit mordern architecture, which allows the visitors to take a stroll to enjoy the beauty it offers. It is a must-visit place while on a trip to this royal city.

Rajsamand Lake

Built by Maharana Raj Singh in the year 1660, Rajsamand Lake is among the 5 famous lakes of Udaipur. It is located 66 km north of Udaipur, which is constructed the Gomati, Kelwa and Tali River, with a catchment area of approximately 508 sq. km. On the littoral of the lake, there are nine pavilions or 'Nauchowki', which were built by Maharana Raj Singh and features beautifully engraved pavilions adorned with images of the Sun, chariots, Gods, birds and amazing figures. This lake as well is one of the must-visit places in the city.

Moti Magri

Moti Magri is a hill that stands overlooking the Fateh Sagar Lake, where the memorial of legendry Rajput hero, Maharana Pratap was built. It attracts a lot of tourists as well as locals and houses a bronze statue of the hero straddling on this favorite horse “Chetak”. The memoral has been built to commemorate the valor and bravery of the great hero, who lost his life while fighting with his enemies. The trip to the City of Lakes will remain incomplete without a visit to the memorial.

Gulab Bagh & Zoo

A beautiful garden that is capable of casting its spell on the visitors is the Gulan Bagh, which is the largest garden in the royal city. Sprawling over 100 acers of land, it was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh and is also known as Maharana Sajjan Singh. Owing to the profusion of a wide variety of roses, it got its name Gulab Bagh or Rose Garden. The serene ambiance and a wide variety of flora, makes it a haven for nature lovers. This garden is located toward the southeast of City Palace complex. The garden also houses a museum and a zoo that is home to a variety of animals such as chinkara, tigers, leopards and a variety of other wild animals as well as birds. The garden and zoo is visited by a number of people to admire its beauty.

Chittorgarh Fort

Located at a distance of 125 km from Udaipur, Chittorgarh Fort is a must-visit place near the city. It is the pride of Rajasthan, which narrates the story of the distinctive culture and romance of Rajputs. It is a wrecked fortress that narrates the saga of the glorious history of the Rajputs. Several tales associated with some of the legendry people that belonged to the Rajputana clan is associated with this place. Do visit the Chittorgarh Fort while on a trip to Udaipur to get a glimpse of the glory, heroism and pride of Rajaputana traditions.


A historic place in the state of Rajasthan, Haldighati is about 40 km from the city of Udaipur. It is the place where the famous battle of Haldighati was fought Maharana Pratap of the Mewar region and Raja Man Singh of Amber in the year 1576. The place attracts a horde of visitors across the world, especially the history buffs. It is a popular weekend getaway from the city of Udaipur and houses the statue of Maharana Pratap to commemorate his bravery. This is a must-visit place while on a trip to Udaipur owing to its historical importance.

Jagat Temple 

About 50km from Udaipur, Jagat temple is a popular Hindu temple in the state that is visited by numerous devotees in and around the city. The temple is also known as Ambika Mata Mandir; it is located in a small village named Jagat on cleave of a rock and has a number of inscriptions. It is dedicated to Goddess Ambika, an incarnation of Goddess Durga, which was built in the year 961 A.D. It is often refered to as 'Khajuraho of Rajasthan' and is famous for the intricate carvings on the extrior walls of the temple. It has an idol of Goddess Ambika that dates back to 10 century. It is one of the most revered places in the region, which is visited by an enormous crowd of tourists as well as devotees from all over the globe.

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Neemach Mata Temple

Located on a hill on the littoral of the Fateh Sagar Lake, Neemach Mata Temple is worth visisting while on a trip to this maginificent city. It is dedicated to the goddess Nimach Mata Devi, which was built between the years 1652 and 1680. It is believed that she is the clan Goddess of the Royal family of the Maharanas and the temple houses a huge stone temple of the Goddess, attracting a huge crowd of devotees from near and far. The devotees climb 600 steps to reach the temple and it is regarded as one of the most revered pilgrimages in the city.


A crafts village about 3 km from the city of Udaipur, near the Havala village is the Shilpgram, which attracts a huge crowd of domestic as well as international tourists. Sprawling over 70 acres of land, this village showcases the rural arts and crafts of the region. With Aravali range as its backdrop, it offers an enchanting ambiance and depicts the lifestyles of the folk and tribal people of the state. The complex houses huts that display the traditional architecture of the ethnic group of people residing in the region. An annual fair is organized here from 21st December to 31st December that is visited by people all over the world to witness the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of the state of Rajasthan. It is a must-visit place in the city of Udaipur to get a glimpse of the arts and crafts of the place.

Udaipur Solar Observatory

Udaipur Solar Observatory, located on a tiny artificial island on Lake Fateh Sagar is worth visiting while on a trip to this splendid city. It was built in the year 1975under the sponsorship of Vedshala Trust, Ahmedabad and Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India with an intention to observe the Sun and establishment of it was initated by Late Dr.Arvind Bhatnagar, who was a pioneer solar physicist. However, later in the year 1981 the observatory was taken over by the Department of Space, Govt of India under the administration of Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad. It features a number of telescopes as well as instruments for observing the Sun. Surrounded by scenic beauty; it attracts a huge crowd of visitors.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

About 64 km from the city of Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh Fort is a must-visit place while on a trip to the city. It is located in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. It is one of the most invincible forts having the 2nd largest continuous wall in the World after the Great Wall of China, measuring 36 km in length. It was built during the 15 century by Maharana Rana Kumbha, but has not gained popularity like other forts in the state. The fort was built by Rana Kumbha, who belonged to the Sisodia clan of Rajput rulers. It is the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, one of the great Rajput heroes of Indian history. It has also been declared as a World heritage Site by UNESCO.

Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum

A folk-art museum in the city, Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum is a worth visiting place in the city. It is one of the most popular museums in the city that attracts a horde of visitors across the globe. It is in the building of Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal near Chetak Circle. It was established in the year 1952 by Devilal Samar and displays a rare collection of folk items of the state, which comprises puppets, rural-dresses, masks, ornaments, dolls, folk deities, folk musical instruments and paintings. The major attraction of the museum is the theater that hosts puppet shows at a regular interval.

Ahar Museum Mahasatya

Ahar, a hamlet in Udaipur district is a popular tourist attraction. It is renowned for being the cremation ground of the rulers of Mewar dynasty. It is also well-known as an archeological site, making it a haven for archaeologists and researchers. It houses an archeological museum as well as cenotaphs of the royal family. It is about 3 km from the city and attracts a huge crowd of tourists across the globe.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Situated about 45 km from Udaipur, Ranakpur Jain Temples are a major Jain pilgrimage destination of India. These temples are positioned in the village of Ranakpur in Pali district, which were built during the 15th century. The Jain temples of Ranakpur are considered as one of the 7 wonders of India and are popular for its architecture. Ranakpur Jain Temples are a must-visit, while on a trip to Udaipur.

Nagda and Eklingji

The ancient capital of Mewar dynasty, Nagda and Eklingji is a prominent tourist attraction near Udaipur. This place is especially popular for featuring the relics of a 10th century twin temple, named “Saas-Bahu” temple.

Rajiv Gandhi Park

Fast becoming a prominent tourist attraction in the city, Rajiv Gandhi Park is a beautiful park famous for its location. It stands on the banks of the famous lake Pichola with Aravali range as its backdrop. The park has been named after the Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. It is a well-maintained park with manicured lawns and stunning flora, which attracts both the locals as well as tourists. Offering a refreshing ambiance with cool breeze, it houses a children park as well as food court, making it a must-visit place in the city.

Nathdwara Temple

About 48 km from Udaipur, Nathdwara is a town in the Rajsamand District situated on the banks of River Banas. The town is renowned for a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple was built during the 17th century and houses the idol of Lord Shrinathji, the other name of Sri Krishna. The temple attracts a lot of devotees from all around the state as well as country. It is one of the most revered places as well as major pilgrimage for the Vaishnava community. It is a must-visit place while on a trip to the city to witness the beauty of the temple as well as the idol of the presiding deity. Annakutta is a major festival celebrated with grandeur and fervor in the temple besides Janmashtmi and Holi.

Shiv Niwas Palace

Located on the littoral of Lake Pichola, Shiv Niwas Palace served as the residence of the King of Udaipur, Maharana Fateh Singh. It is a crescent-shaped structure, built in the year 1920, overlooking the largest manmade lake in the city. Today, it has been transformed into a heritage hotel that offers its guests a glimpse of the lavish lifestyle led by the rulers of the city. This palace offers a glimpse of the rich and glorious past of the Mewar dynasty. It is a popular tourist attraction as well as a luxury hotel in the city, which is worth visiting.

Aptly named the City of Lakes and Venice of the East with number of lakes that forms the lifeline of the city, Udaipur makes for an ideal vacation destination in the state of Rajasthan. There are abundance of tourist places in and around the city that are worth visiting and each of the place has a rich historic background as well as significance. These are just a few of the popular attractions in the city, which cannot be missed while on a trip to this historic city.
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